The Yada Yada Bar

Our main bar stocks an assortment of different Heineken beers, served ice cold on all occasions, together with a wide selection of local and international, especially South African wines. You will also find a fully stocked selection of spirits. Green ice tea or sparkling tea make up some of our soft drinks we offer on all market days.

Don’t forget to try our delicious cocktails! Prost!

Bitterly cold AMSTEL beer on tap – our house brand to quench that thirst A huge selection of bottled beers to suit all pallets.

A selection of South African beers and soft drinks you can only find at Yada Yada.

South African red, pink and white wines – always rich, delicate and refreshing.

Our range of spirits allows for any combination to suit your tastes.

For the young ones a range of soft drinks including chocomelk and Fristi and sparkling and natural aqua to wash it all down.

Dakar Fashion

Al jaren had ik het plan om de zo mooie en kleurrijke mode uit Senegal naar Nederland te brengen. Naast Senegalese mode, speciaal gemaakt op Europese snit, leveren wij ook Afrikaanse kunst, houtsnijwerk, manden, sieraden, meubels en heel veel meer. Nagenoeg alles is handgemaakt en  levert uitsluitend “Fair Trade” artikelen zodat wij een bedrage leveren aan een beter bestaan voor mensen in Dakar en omgeving. Aminata’s mainly African arts and crafts offer a range of exquisite woven baskets in all colours shapes and sizes. Her jewellery includes delicate as well as rustic beadwork, so you are sure to find that unique piece which suits your style.

As Lin

Mijn naam is Astrid van der Linden (1970) en ik heb een passie voor handwerken. En die passie wil ik graag met jou delen! Veel van mijn inspiratie en materialen haal ik uit het reizen, waardoor je bij AsLin een ander aanbod zult vinden dan op andere creatieve sites. Ik wens je veel plezier op deze site en ik hoop dat ik je mag inspireren en helpen het plezier te ontdekken van je eigen creativiteit! Astrid flies all over the world with KLM and is inspired by the multitude of arts and crafts she finds in foreign countries. Her products on offer represent this influence, mostly produced from recycled materials.

Biems Kitchen

Door met name het koloniale verleden wonen er wel tien verschillende bevolkingsgroepen in Suriname. Allen met hun eigen geschiedenis, gewoonten, tradities en natuurlijk hun gerechten. Als er een volk is op aarde waar alles om eten en gezelligheid draait dan zijn dat de Surinamers wel. Bij mijn moeder en tante kreeg ik de lekkerste pom, pastei en gemberbier. Bij de chinees kon ik de lekkerste chauw-min halen en bij de hindoestaan om de hoek de lekkerste roti. De juiste combinaties van kennis, smaak, verse producten maar vooral authenticiteit maken in mijn keuken HET verschil! Surinam cuisine at its very best. Don’t bother to fly to Surinam, Biems Kitchen transports you into this world with his exquisitely flavoured tastes. A true experience awaits you.

Braai Club

GeBRAAI’d in Nederlands Ronald is truly South African, just like his food. Together with his partner, Jacqueline, he creates original South African dishes to tantalize your tastebuds. Their tender ribs are flame-grilled using “Kameeldoring”, which gives the meat its original flavour. Don’t wait. Come and taste.

Carla’s Home and Fashion

Voor een ruim aanbod aan home decoratie kleding, sieraden en afrikaanse producten kunt u terecht bij Carla’s Home and Fashion outlet. Carla stocks a vast collection of home decor , fashion for young and old and collectibles she sources from a host of hidden warehouses across the Netherlands. You will find that elusive special item here for sure.

CC Arts

Carina (CC) creates ceramic vases and bowls made to express the natural properties of clay. Her work is inspired by a variety of artists and media. Carina also cites African, Native American and Chinese art forms as key influences. Carina was born in South Africa and grew up on a beautiful wildlife nature reserve. She is currently based in The Netherlands, where she has been promoting South African arts. View website

Devi’s Curry Palace

Devi, originally from Durban South Africa, brings with her that authentic Durban curry, mild , hot or if you like, extra hot! Prepared with her special imported spices, you will find her dishes exotic and full of taste. Devi, Lizelle and Herman welcome you to a feast of Indo – african flavors.

Fong’s Asian Fusion

I have spent most of my life in the kitchen as I am passionate about preparing food..I am always experimenting and improving my dishes so they can be enjoyed by all our visitors at YADA YADA. I need the inspiration of everyone around me and love to share my cuisine I prepare with others. One of my specialities is the homemade Pekin Roasted Duck…a real treat  delicious and tasty…you must try it sometime… So I look forward to welcoming you all to my Asian Fusion stand.

Design Lampen en Klokken

Bij JacquesODesign ga ik mijn eigen weg. Ik beweeg dan ook niet mee met de trends maar maak unieke producten die echt ‘’one of a kind” zijn. Hier vindt u dan ook enkel design klokken en lampen waarvan er maar 1 of een beperkt aantal verkrijgbaar zijn. De producten van JacquesODesign zult u dan ook niet aantreffen bij de interieur ketens, of afgeleiden daarvan. De verkoop gaat via de webshop, winkelunit op de Yada Yada Market te Zaandam. These light designs are a one off product crafted by hand using materials ranging from fire hoses, wood, huge dried tree leaves, reeds and steel..each one a collectors piece.

Warung Kalimantan

Hoi, ik ben Rina en kom oorspronkelijk uit Kalimantan. Dat is het Indonesische gedeelte van Borneo en tevens het grootste eiland. Ik vind het erg leuk om bij Yada Yada Indonesische gerechten te serveren, waaronder een specifieke soep die vrij uniek is. U bent van harte welkom om het te proeven en uiteraard om van de Yada Yada sfeer te genieten. Rina specialises in Indonesian cuisine that will melt in your mouth. Her fusion food deserves a taste and can be enjoyed in the company of family and friends or you can order and take out. View website

What What Trading

Featuring handmade unique products from the Western Cape in South Africa. Come and find a collection of wonderful crafts produced by indigenous peoples of the region. You will find special gifts for family ,friends or loved ones at the WHAT WHAT store. Check back for special on certain products regularly, you will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you and see you soon.

SPECIAL HANDMADE GIFTS Supporting disadvantaged communities in South Africa at the Yada Yada Market All stock discounted. Click here to view items

Check out our guest traders for the Saturday market on the 3rd of March 2018

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Sanny Views

Sandra Irene Veenstra (1971, Amsterdam – NL) is an award winning Storytelling Photographer at Sanny Views®,

Sandra has a strong desire to focus on the (B)right Side of Life. If you see Sandra, her camera is always close by. Her eye sees the (B)right side of everyday life, her camera catches it.

Sandra has always been fascinated and inspired by human interaction. She has been an international pedagogue for over 20 years. Her basic attitude towards life is optimistic. She uses her professional observation skills to make people aware of the invisible and the visible effects of their actions and she coaches people into improving the quality of their interactions in general, and in connection to children in particular.

Being a pedagogue and observer, Sandra is often confronted with the dark side of human actions, e.g. child (sexual) abuse. ‘Once you have seen, you cannot unsee’. Once you know, you can’t not know anymore. After facing a near death experience in 2014, Sandra realised more than ever that she should definitely focus on the (B)right Side of Life, in order to do as much as possible for Children’s Rights from a healthy point of view. That’s what ‘The Other Side of the Medal’ stands for. Her project ‘Kid for ChildRights’ aims to bring more awareness to child (sexual), how to prevent it, and how to end it.